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Castrol Transmax Z is a fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid.


Castrol Transmax Z can be recommended for most commercial vehicles fitted with automatic transmissions (truck, buses, coaches, and so on)


  • Extended transmission, oil and component life.
  • Lower power input means fuel saving and decreased servicing.
  • Free from chlorine and heavy metals.
  • Viscosity remains almost constant during oil life, helping prevent deposits and oil thickening.
  • Excellent transmission cleanliness under all conditions also permits extended oil drain.
  • Smoother gear changing at all ambient temperature and load conditions.
  • Constant frictional properties improve driving comfort.
  • Faster oil flow to all critical components (e.g. torque converter, friction plates, planetary wheels and brake brands).
  • More responsive and comfortable gear change.
  • Particularly high protection of whole transmission at low ambient temperatures, ely during start-up.
  • Reduced torque loss increases efficiency leading to fuel saving potential - less fuel consumption means lower emissions. • Shear stable ATF.
  • Help retain full transmission performance.
  • Optimal lubrication ensures constant level of comfort during gear changing.
  • Excellent anti-foam behavior prevents foam formation, ensuring proper lubrication.
  • Avoids excessive temperature increases reducing risk of seizure.
  • Good extreme pressure (EP) performance, better transmission component protection leading to longer life.
  • Very good seal performance helps avoid oil leakages, reducing repair costs.
  • Gives better environmental compatibility – easier waste oil disposal and recyclables.
  • Contains outstanding cold flow and shear stability properties.
  • Excellent thermal, oxidative stability and anti-wear performance.
  • Optimised frictional characteristics.


  • SAE 70W-80
  • ZF TE-ML 04D, 11B, 14C, 16M
  • Voith G607, G1363
  • MB-Approval 236.81
  • MAN 339 Typ V2, 339 Typ Z3
  • VW 501 60
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