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HB Body Sata Mini Air Regulator Gauge 27771

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  • Category: Hardware
  • Name: HB Body Sata Mini Air Regulator Gauge 27771
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 The accurate and correct setting of the gun Inlet Pressure is one of the key requirements to ensure perfect colour match during the painting process. Whether the pressure is set too low or too high, colour deviations will be the undesired result. The consequences are unnecessary rework disrupting the efficient work flow in bodyshops and substantially higher repair costs.

 With the aim to eliminate “incorrect inlet pressure” as a possible cause for quality problems, SATA currently offer spray guns with DIGITAL pressure gauges integrated in the gun handle, while for non-DIGITAL SATA spray guns there is the retrofit option of the SATA adam 2 available. The advantages of both solutions are obvious: They are compact, lightweight and precise, and enable the painter to keep the pressure always under control.

 Now, SATA are launching an additional retrofit solution for pressure control: With the SATA adam 2 U (=Universal), consisting of a SATA adam 2 U dock and the SATA adam 2 display, the painter has now the option to adjust and monitor the Inlet Pressure in DIGITAL form on any type of gun – whether SATA dry jet blow guns or competitor spray guns. The display indicates the Inlet Pressure with an accuracy of +/- 0.05 bar, while the adjustment screw on the “SATA adam 2 U dock” allows to set the pressure precisely.

 The retrofit unit SATA dock offers even further options for DIGITAL pressure control: Combined with the SATA adam 2 display, it replaces any analogue pressure gauge with G 1/8 male thread, e.g. on pneumatically operated systems or when upgrading an existing SATA air micrometer with analogue pressure gauge #27771 to DIGITAL.

The SATA adam 2 display can now be used on all spray guns, either installed on the back or on the bottom of the gun

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HB Body
Sata Mini Air Regulator Gauge 27771
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