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Renault Megane Brake Pad Rear

Key Features:
  • Category: Car Part
  • Name: Renault Megane Brake Pad Rear
  • SKU: SC-137745

Brake Pad Specifications


Vendor Part Number Height Width Thickness Set
Rhyno DP9015 87 52.5 15 RH - LH




Designed and manufactured in South Africa, RHYNO semi-metallic brake pads offer higher braking performance in heavy duty applications such as heavy towing ,sudden stops , racing and basically suited for everyday driving.RHYNO Brake Pads have been tested and proven for toughness and conform to the Local Regulatory Body Quality Requirements.



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  • Fully Guaranteed against faulty components and workmanship.

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    Safety critical parts to be fitted by Qualified Technicians in an approved workshop.

    VEHICLE APPLICATIONS. Vehicle & Position


    PEUGEOT 405 1.8 (LFZ [XU7JP] (8V 74KW) 95-97 [REAR]
    RENAULT MEGANE [2] 1.6 (K4M 760 761 764 812 813 762 768 788 ) (16V 83KW ) 03-09 [REAR]
    RENAULT MEGANE [2] 1.9 DCI (F9Q 750 ) (8V 88KW ) 03-09 [REAR]
    RENAULT MEGANE [2] 1.9 DCI (F9Q 808 ) (8V 68KW ) 03-09 [REAR]
    RENAULT MEGANE [2] 2.0 (F4R 770 771 ) (16V 99KW ) 03-09 [REAR]
    RENAULT SCENIC [2] 1.9 DCI (F9Q 804 803 ) (8V 96KW ) 03-09 [REAR]
    RENAULT SCENIC [2] 1.9 DCI (F9Q 812 813 ) (8V 83KW ) 04-09 [REAR]
    VOLKSWAGEN GOLF [2] 1.8 GTI (KR ) (16V 102KW ) 86-90 [REAR]
    VOLKSWAGEN GOLF [2] 2.0 GTI (AAL ) (16V 110KW ) 90-92 [REAR]
    VOLKSWAGEN GOLF [3] 1.6 (ACG ) (8V 60KW ) 92-99 [REAR]
    VOLKSWAGEN GOLF [3] 1.6I (AFX ) (8V 74KW ) 96-99 [REAR]
    VOLKSWAGEN GOLF [3] 2.0 GTI (2E AFW AKR ADY AGG ) (8V 85KW ) 92-99 [REAR]
    VOLKSWAGEN JETTA [3] 1.8 (ACH ) (8V 70KW ) 92-99 [REAR]
R 355
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Part No SC-137745
Brand Rhyno
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Megane Brake Pad Rear
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