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Opel Astra Link Stabilizer

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  • Name: Opel Astra Link Stabilizer
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Teknosa is a leading manufacturor and distributor of high quality steering and suspension parts. The Teknosa brand synonymous with Quality & Reliability. All Teknosa Steering and Suspension Parts are manufactured by ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001 accredited manufacturers



All Teknosa parts are sold with a 12-month warranty against manufacturing defects and malfunction, provided that our product is fitted by accredited fitment centres and qualified mechanics.

APPLICATIONS: Vehicle & Position

OPEL ASTRA [G] 1.4 (X/Z 14 XE ) (16V 66KW ) 99-04 [FRONT LH - RH]
OPEL ASTRA [G] 1.6 (X16XEL/Z16XE ) (16V 74KW ) 99-04 [FRONT LH - RH]
OPEL ASTRA [G] 1.6I (C16SEL ) (8V 74KW ) 98-04 [FRONT LH - RH]
OPEL ASTRA [G] 1.8 (Z18XE Z18XE1 ) (16V 92KW ) 00-05 [FRONT LH - RH]
OPEL ASTRA [G] 1.8I (X18XE1 ) (16V 92KW ) 03-05 [FRONT LH - RH]
OPEL ASTRA [G] 2.0 (X20XEV ) (16V 100KW ) 99-05 [FRONT LH - RH]
OPEL ASTRA [G] 2.0 T COUPE (Z20LET ) (16V 141KW ) 00-05 [FRONT LH - RH]
OPEL ASTRA [G] 2.0I (20SEL ) (16V 100KW ) 99-01 [FRONT LH - RH]
OPEL ASTRA [G] 2.2 (Z22SE ) (16V 108KW ) 03-04 [FRONT LH - RH]
OPEL ZAFIRA [1] 1.8 (Z18XE ) (16V 92KW ) 01-06 [FRONT LH - RH]
OPEL ZAFIRA [1] 2.0 OPC (Z20LET Z20LER ) (16V 147KW ) 05-06 [FRONT LH - RH]
OPEL ZAFIRA [1] 2.2 (Z22SE ) (16V 108KW ) 04-06 [FRONT LH - RH]

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Astra Link Stabilizer
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