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How to save money at the mechanic’s with affordable car parts

All cars need to be serviced regularly. But car maintenance costs are always going up. After all, garages and workshops are businesses and have to turn a profit. So what are your options? One of the biggest costs of servicing are the standard car parts like belts, filters, side mirrors, etc that must be replaced regularly to keep your car running smoothly. Garages and workshops all mark these items up. Mark-ups can vary, but the average rate is a whopping 30%. One of the easiest ways to save is by purchasing these parts yourself and doing the work yourself or having a car-savvy friend do it for you.

Knowledge is power

Women, in particular, can be taken advantage of by dishonest workshops or mechanics. But thanks to information available on the Internet, it’s much easier to get a good understanding of what you should be paying for parts. With the help of a friend who knows cars, you can find out what you should be paying, and save a great deal of money on servicing and repairs.

If you’re researching parts for your vehicle, the key thing is the VIN number – a 17-digit alfa numeric code that identifies every component of the vehicle, you can find the VIN number on your licence disk. This will ensure that everything from trim to engine, gearbox, tyres, etc, will be specific to your model vehicle and with all the variations on the market this makes part identification both easier and more precise.

DIY part sourcing now much easier

One option available to you is to compile a list of the parts you need for your service and/or repair and then purchase them yourself. If you’ve damaged a part of your car in a fender bender, getting the part you need from a reputable online resource can lead to substantial savings. Because who has time to go searching through scrapyards for the right part? There are far easier ways to get what you need.

Get what you need online

Like most things, car parts – both used and new – can now be purchased online. Most online retailers offer very low prices as they do not have the overheads of brick and mortar stores. You can also browse and compare prices and even get the parts you need as time and budget allows. Alternatively, if you have a sideline business repairing and or servicing cars, or are an enthusiastic DIYer, you can save a lot by ordering essential items like lubricants and wipers in bulk.