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Vehicle Auction Terms And Conditions

This page was last modified on 14 July 2021.

Transparency is something Ace Auto is big on, so it’s important to us that you know what you’re agreeing to as our valued customer. Happy Buyer, Happy Seller. These are the conditions we would like you to be aware of. By accessing and registering on our website for online auctions you are agreeing to these conditions.


  1. Our Terms and Conditions comply with section 45 of the Consumer Protection Act No 68, 2008, and its regulations.
  2. Our Terms and Conditions apply to all persons entering our premises, users on our website, registered legal entities (Bidders) as well as successful bidders (Purchasers), and the Terms and Conditions will be deemed accepted upon entry to our premises or when any transaction on our website occurs.
  3. Right of admission to any Ace Auto premises, as well as our website is reserved. We reserve the right to deactivate any person’s account or ask a person to leave our premises.
  4. All vehicles and persons entering and exiting any of our premises may be searched. Any person caught stealing will be prosecuted. No intimidation of any person will be permitted. Any person found to be intimidating another, will be removed from our premises and/or and their account deactivated.
  5. Bidders may not hold the seller(s), including Ace Auto, liable for interruption of their internet connectivity, and must keep their account details secure at all times.
  6. All vehicles are sold as “Motor Salvage”, irrespective of their condition, and therefore sold “as is”.
  7. All our Motor Salvage have a vehicle code, which is aligned to the description on your registration paper:
    1. Code 2 ‘Used Vehicle’.
    2. Code 3 ‘Rebuilt Vehicle’.
    3. Code 3A ‘Scrapped Vehicle’. Can only be bought by approved wreck dealers for stripping.
    4. Code 4 ‘Permanently demolished’. These may not be purchased by any member of the public.
  8. Vehicle descriptions are a representation only, and Ace Auto as well as its sellers, cannot be held liable for errors.
  9. When any vehicle shows a “Starts = yes” indicator, this means the vehicle started when we received the vehicle, and due to various factors, and more commonly because vehicles stand for long periods awaiting registration papers, may not start when you collect the vehicle.
  10. Mileage displayed on the vehicles are not guaranteed.
  11. Ace Auto does not remove any items from vehicles, except for personal effects which may be received with the vehicle, and these do not form part of the sellable item.
  12. Batteries may be disconnected for fire prevention reasons.
  13. License discs and number plates are removed prior to any vehicle which has been sold exiting our premises.
  14. Bidders and Purchasers hereby acknowledge that they have familiarised themselves with the condition of the vehicle prior to sale, and that no warranties or guarantees are made on any vehicle sold.
  15. By law, vehicle(s) bought for export, must first be registered in your name before you may proceed with exportation. Foreign nationals will need a Traffic Register in order to complete change of ownership.
  16. Auction Process
    1. Bidders may view all vehicles online at Viewing is a free service, and bidders do not need to register in order to view any items for sale.
    2. We encourage all buyers to visit our premises to inspect the vehicle should they be unsure before making a purchase.
    3. Online Auctions are the sale of individual vehicles over a few days where bidders can bid against one another without the intervention of an Auctioneer.
    4. All Bidders and/or Purchasers will be bound by any announcements made prior to the auction or a lot on sale.
    5. Ace Auto reserves the right to control and regulate bidding, and to withdraw an item or cancel a sale at any time.
    6. Timed Auctions may extend automatically as they are about to expire, based on recent bidding activity to allow all bidders a fair opportunity to bid.
    7. Bidders will not be allowed to bid against themselves unless their bid is under the reserve price. This is allowed in case you are the only bidder and you want to bid more to win the car.
    8. Bidders will need to register in order to place a bid on any item, by paying the required deposit online and providing the following documents:
      1. South African citizens must upload an original RSA ID, Smart Card, Passport or Birth Certificate.
      2. Foreign Nationals must upload their current Passport (Not expired), and South African issued Traffic Register. You can obtain this at your Local Licensing authority.
      3. Companies must upload their company registration documents, proof of VAT registration, your proxy’s RSA ID and proof of business address
      4. All purchaser information uploaded on the website must first by verified by an Ace Auto employee before they will be invoiced.
    9. In order to avoid missing a vehicle you are interested in, please register as early as possible for any sale. We advise at least the day prior.
    10. The bidder of the highest accepted bid will be deemed to be the purchaser, except vehicles sold Subject To Confirmation known as STC (where there is a reserve), which will be confirmed within two working days after the sale.
    11. Bidders will be notified by a temporary popup message indicating you are the highest bidder, and the vehicle will appear in your basket for checkout.
    12. All purchases are final and cannot be cancelled by the Purchaser. Any cancellation by a Purchaser will be deemed a Breach of Sale.
    13. Bidders should note that the bid price excludes certain fees, including sales fees (Buyers Premium, Doc Handling Fee and VAT). Bidders should also take into account other fees that may be necessary to get the vehicle in a working condition which will be for their own account, such as but not limited to repairs, keys, transportation, licensing, Police Clearances etc.
    14. In the event that a Bidder is unsuccessful at purchasing any item for sale, they may request a full refund of their deposit or request that we keep your deposit until you are successful in purchasing a vehicle. Refunds will be done in 3 working days after all necessary documentation has been received.
  17. Basic financial terms
    1. Bidders will need to pay a R2 500 deposit in order to bid by using the online payment gateway on our website. Please use a “Pay and Clear” option if you bank with a different bank, and you wish to bid in the next 48 hours. Funds must clear our account before you can bid.
    2. Please confirm all your details on your profile before making any payment, as these details will be used to create a final Tax Invoice. We do not credit note and reinvoice sales in line with SARS legislation.
    3. Bids exclude a 5% Buyers Premium, R1 850 Document Handling Fee and 15% VAT on the total.
      Bid Price (R10 000) + Buyers Premium (R500) + Document Handling Fee (R1 850) + VAT (R1 852.50) = Total (R14 202.50)
      Less deposit (R2500) = Total Payable (R11 702.50)
    4. You have 24 hours after an auction to finalise payment online using our payment gateway. Please use the “Pay and Clear” function at your bank if you do not bank with our bank to avoid delays. Payment not made in the required time may constitute a Breach of Sale.
    5. Once full payment has been made, you can download your Tax Invoice on our website.
    6. Motor Salvage cannot be financed by a bank.
  18. Dispatching of purchase
    1. Once you have received your Tax Invoice, we can begin to release vehicles. Partial payment will not entitle Purchasers to start the dispatch process.
    2. All vehicles must be removed within 48 hours of your Tax Invoice being issued. Failure to remove vehicles on time may result in additional storage fees being charged to the Purchaser before a vehicle can be released.
    3. Dispatching times are office hours (Monday to Friday 8am – 4pm) and excludes public holidays. We do not dispatch over weekends.
    4. If you send a third party to fetch your vehicle, please send them with a letter authorising them to collect your vehicles, as well as a copy of your ID or Passport.
    5. Vehicles left on our premises after auction are at the purchaser’s risk, and no losses may be claimed against Ace Auto.
  19. After you have purchased a vehicle
    1. To checkout, you can move items to your associated legal entities to indicate how you would like your Tax Invoices to be made. Please make sure your details are correct before doing this.
    2. Change of ownership and licensing of your vehicles at the Local Licensing Authorities must be done within 21 days of your purchase as per the Road Traffic Act 1989. Failure to change ownership will result in your Ace Auto account being blocked.
    3. Ace Auto will complete Change of Ownership for you, which is included in your Document Handling Fee, and courier your registration documents to you. Please make sure your address on your profile is correct.
    4. If you purchase a Code 3, you must first repair your vehicle and get a Police Clearance before we can complete your change of ownership.
    5. Registration Papers will only be given to the purchaser, unless they have sent a letter authorising us to release the Registration Papers to a third party.
    6. Any fines received on sold vehicles whilst Change of Ownership is in progress will be transferred to your account.
    7. The date of first registration on your Registration Papers is not always the year model.
    8. If a purchaser buys a vehicle with company branding on it, the purchaser must remove all branding before allowing the vehicle onto the road again.
  20. Breach of Sale
    1. Ace Auto reserves the right to take 10% of your Sales Order total to a maximum of R2 500 of your deposit as a penalty for any Breach of Sale.
  21. For all purposes, including litigation, relating to and arising from these Terms and Conditions, the buyer determines as his/her Domicilium Citandi et Executandi the address given by him/her at the time of registration and which is accepted by the registered user.
  22. Ace Auto's website, as well as our auctions, are operated in the Republic of South Africa, and all local law’s will be applied. In the event of a dispute, the North Gauteng High court will be used.
  23. No verbal agreements will be binding.
  24. The movement of forklifts, vehicles and other items on our premises must be respected by all visitors. Ace Auto will not accept any liability for injuries on site. Please ensure your personal safety at all times.
  25. The Ace Auto logo as well as content on our website are proprietary works that belong to Ace Auto. You may not copy or re-use our content without our express written permission.
  26. Any complaints or compliments can be sent to
  27. COVID-19
    1. The wearing of masks that cover both your nose and mouth are compulsory at all times whilst on our premises.
    2. Management has the right to control foot traffic at any of our sites in line with regulations.
    3. Social distancing of 2m must be adhered to at all times.
    4. If you are displaying symptoms or have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days, please do not enter our premises.
    5. Anyone failing to adhere to any Health and Safety notice by any of our staff or security firms may be refused entry to our premises.

For for information please get in touch, please visit our contact page.